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Bored? Take this quick survey!

Hey, i need some help from you guys if you dont mind.
If you are a smoker and have friends who smoke please take a few seconds to fill out this quick survey for one of my classes, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanx =). (If this isnt allowed you can delete this entry)

To answer the questions copy and paste the survey into a comment and delete the options which dont apply or just write your answers in the comment. You can also e-mail me your response at Heathbarcrunch@gmail.com.

This survey concerns the smoking habits of students on the William Paterson University campus. It is being conducted to fulfill the requirements of the above named course. Your participation is voluntary and you may stop completing the survey at any time and you do not have to answer any question(s) you choose not to answer. Risks associated with my completing this survey have been explained to you and must be acceptable to you or you must not complete the survey. Your identity will not be revealed in any way through my participation in this study; do not write your name on this document; the results will not be reported in a way that will reveal individual participants. If you do not want to complete this survey you may return it uncompleted as instructed for completed documents or you may keep it. If you do choose to participate, please return this document to me after completion.

1. Gender: ___male ___female

2. Do you have at least one close friend who is also a smoker?

Yes No

3. Do you find yourself smoking more frequently when you are in the presence of friends smoking?

Yes No Sometimes

4. Do your friends ask you for a cigarette when you take out one for yourself?

Yes No Sometimes

5. Do your friends smoke one of their own cigarettes when they see you smoking one of yours?

Yes No Sometimes

6. Do your friends seem to smoke as frequently as you smoke when you are out together?

Yes No Sometimes

7. If you quit smoking, do you believe that your friends would be more inclined to quit smoking?

Yes No Maybe

8. If you quit smoking, do you believe that your friends would smoke less when they are around you?
Yes No Maybe

9. If one of your friends quit smoking, do you believe that you would be more inclined to quit smoking?
Yes No Maybe

10. If one of your friends quit smoking do you believe that you might smoke less when you are around them?
Yes No Maybe

*Thanx for your time*
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