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diy_cigarettes's Journal

D.I.Y. Smokers
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this is a community for smokers who are interested in making their own cigarettes (hence the name of the community). . . feel free to list anything and everything partaining to the realm of hand-made cigarettes (including, but not limited to: places to shop, choice tobaccos/filters, blends of tobaccos, etc). . . also, if you're just curious about this whole DIY/RYO/MYO cigarette thing, then join up, ask some questions, and we'll be more than happy to help you out. . . cigar and pipe people are also more than welcome. . .

[note:] do NOT come here and preach about how smoking is bad, harmful, and whatforth. . . we know this, everybody knows this ("i thought they had vitamin C in them and stuff!"). . . so, save your breath, and leave us in peace. . . thank you. . .
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