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Introduction and a few questions

Hi. I'm new. My primary smokes in the past have always been cloves. Djarum Blacks and a couple Sampoerna varieties have always been my favorite smokes. However, while still in the states, without a job and with the fact that mail order was not an option at that time, they were just too expensive. Thus, I got the idea of trying to roll my own. I took whole cloves, grinded them up a lot and mixed that in with the tobaccos I could find in my hometown (which weren't many). After a lot of experimenting, I ended up with something worth smoking. It wasn't a Djarum, but it wasn't bad. Once I reached that point, I was using a little Top rolling device with some variety of Zig-Zag papers that were easy to find and Midnight Special tobacco. On the clove front, I aimed for about 40% clove, trying to make it as even as I could throughout the cigarette. One thing I discovered was that I needed to NOT grind the cloves up too much. If you grinded them up too much, they tended to kind of sag down in the cigarette to the bottom (think of the cigarette as horizontal) and then the cigarette would run, just burning the tobacco along the top. I also used these little Top brand filters after a while and found that I preferred my rollie cloves a lot more filtered. The Midnight Special tobacco was alright... In my opinion, better than the mediocre Top stuff (and those were pretty much the only two that the local tobacco shop carried) and plus, I rarely paid for that kind either. I had a few friends who found themselves using a certain five fingered discount on the Midnight Special and given that they didn't pay for it, I always convinced them to give me large quantities of the stuff.

Anyway, then I ran into a little bit more money and started just smoking Djarum Blacks again. However, soon after, I immigrated to Vancouver, BC. Up here, my familiar Blacks have a tendancy to run about 15 dollars a pack, which is not a price I am willing to pay (given that I can get a 325ml of vodka for a little less :D). I thought I was just going to have to drop smoking, but then the idea of rolling my own came to mind again. After putting a few weeks of thought into it, I actually really love the idea of making my own cigarettes. I tend to come from somewhat of a punk background where a DIY ethic was pushed pretty hard, so this almost seems like the natural path for me to follow.

So, here's the deal: What tobacco is good up in Canada? And the cheaper the better. I have no credit card, so ordering from online isn't possible with most places and the few that do straight mail order never seem to be willing to ship up to Canada. Thus, I'm primarily looking into tobacco I can find locally.

Also, well... I am not exactly a talented person at hand-rolling. Typing, playing guitar and video games are about the only dextrous activities I partake in with my hands. I did, however, have decent luck with that little rolling machine. I've also seen a lot of people pushing injectors, which look nice, especially given my tendancy to prefer filtered cigarettes. However, I'm a n00b and don't totally understand injectors and am not sure how well they'd work with my clove blends. Educate me :D Essentially, in the opinion of people who are much more experienced, how good are those little rollers with the two cylinders (like what I've used in the past)? And with injectors, would they even work? And if so, would they be preferable?

If I end up going the route of handrolling/rolling machine, what papers are good & easy to find? And what seperates those from other papers? And if injectors are the way to go, what is good/easy to find in the way of tubes?

K, only one more question right now, I think: Anyone here ever tried their luck at rolling clove cigarettes? If so, any tips?

Thanks :D
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