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Woo some semi-stupid n00b questions!

First of all, heeeeello. Sorry for anything that I've called incorrectly (like if 'rolling papers' is not the right word, etc.) and crap typing quality.

So I've been considering rolling my own cigarettes sometime (hence why I'm in here =P). I know some people who I can get the papers from, so today I asked one of them myself and had another (non-smoker) friend ask the other.

First I talked to a girl named Kate, who smokes (pot and cigarettes) and drinks, so I figured she'd have some papers in her 'stash' or whatever you want to call it.

Me: Hey Kate, do you have any cigarette rolling papers?
Kate: What? Cigarette papers? What are you talking about? I have filters if that's what you mean.
Me: whatever you use to roll your own cigarettes.
Kate: Well I can get you those but they ain't gonna do shit if you don't have a rolling machine and some tobacco.
Me: See that's the thing though, I don't want to smoke cigarettes like you're thinking. I want to try herbs. [Note: yes I said herbs. Yes you can smoke herbs. As in mint, cloves, etc. plus a base to make it burn evenly. I've done this before. And sorry if I sound bitchy right now but I'm sick of people telling me I smoke 'poseur' things and that herbs are useless.]
Kate: Well what the fuck. You wanna smoke some kinda weird shit. Well like I said I can get you maybe 5, 10 papers from my dad's stash but it ain't gonna do shit without the machine. [She's uses 'lingo' alot. It annoys me too. Sorry.]
Me: Alrighty then. Bye.

PART TWO. My friend Laura talks to her stoner friend Morgan. I wasn't there but I called Laura after school to see what Morgan had said, plus Laura left me a note with what Morgan said. The note said:

"Hey talked to her. She said you're stupid - you don't use rolling paper. She can get mint cigarettes for you. Or some herb. I think she said mint. She gave me a price. 20/$3 I think. Tell me if you want them - give her $ and she'll have someone buy them and give them to me ASAP. I think she can still get rolling paper if it's what you want. Make up your mind so I can tell/pay her. If $3 is too much, maybe I'll throw in a buck if you share. Call me tonight."

So all of that thorougly confused me.
So I have questions.
That are probably dumb.
But you have to start somewhere right?


1. What are they called? Filters or rolling papers? Or is there some other name all together? I want the name of the papers that you roll your own cigarettes with. The kinds that aren't already in a tube-shape. The kinds that are flat and have the little licky-bit at the one side so you seal it like an envelope once you've rolled it.
2. What in god's name is Morgan talking about when she says 'you don't use rolling papers'? I mean I could use a bong yeah, but I want something that I can take with me anywhere so if I want one I can have on there instead of waiting to come home and huddling up in my room with a bong (which I don't have).
3. Why does no one know that you can smoke herbs?
4. What the hell does Kate mean, 'you need a machine to roll them'? You can roll them by hand, can't you? If not then I have been reading websites all wrong. But they all say that you can use your hands to roll them.

Eeee sorry for the extreme boring-ness of this, I just didn't know where else to ask all this =/

Thanksssss ^.^

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